Moving House

Due to my moving of location from Victoria to South Australia;

I will be unavailable on IRC / Fedora Talk, and all other types of real-time communication from

24th Of December – 4 January

If you do need me, i should be able to check my email: asmartgoat[@t]fedoraproject[doot]org

Hopefully when i move to Adelaide I’ll be able to get to work straight away spreading the good word on Fedora!

Luke Martinez

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I wanted to tell everyone that we’ve got big things planned for Open Day at LCA;

Including but not limited to:

– An OLPC XO Stall

– Try an XO

– Fedora 14 Media Giveaway!

– Swag

Things that are being discussed are:

– USB media booth

– Raffle Draw

So pop on down if your in Brisbane on the 29th.

When: 29th January 2011, 10am to 4pm

Where: The Edge, State Library Queensland, South Brisbane

Cost: This is a free event.

Luke Martinez

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I was Wrong!

In my previous post in which i stated that PAINT.NET was opensource i was actually wrong.
It is not open source and hasn’t been since 2007.

Luke Martinez

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I am currently seeking ambassador sponsorship to go to, I believe this will be a great experience, and im writing up my application elsewhere, i hope i can go and hold a stall (Yes lcafiero, it’s a stall, not a booth. :D.)

Luke Martinez

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For lack of knowledge is a tool


Something i have found when introducing free and open source software to people is that;

  1. They think the fedora logo looks like the Facebook logo.
  2. They don’t know that some of their favourite programs are open-source.

Open source software is found on pretty much everybody’s computer. Even on the least technical person. But what shocks me is that they don’t know that Firefox is open-source.

This lack of knowledge is what you can leverage if you are promoting FOSS projects like fedora.

Questions like “free, made by the community. Doesnt that just mean poor people software?” are easily shot away with “Do you use firefox?” (nods) “Well thats a free, open-source program.”

Programs like Audacity, GIMP, Inkscape and to a lesser extent and handbrake are ways to show that Open-source is the way to go.

People are using Open programs more and more that people not finding their favourite program on fedora (or other Linux distributions) is hardly a problem any longer, and for this to be the case, I believe we have reached a great milestone as a wider open-source community.

I hope you enjoyed this post,

Luke Martinez

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Hello world

This is the third blog i’ve owned. I do hope this one does better than my last two. 🙂


Luke Martinez

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