I’ve Moved

Hi, I’ve moved my website to:


Regards, Luke Martinez

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Valves Steam for Linux!

Hey, wanna see something cool.

Well if you go to http://store.steampowered.com/public/client/steam_client_linux , you get a 403 Forbidden error…

Oh? Not cool you say?

Well, Now If you go to http://store.steampowered.com/public/client/steam_client_randomness, You get a 404 Error!

Makes you wonder what is so forbidden, that we are not allowed to see?

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OLPC and Fedora Discs arrived.

I have just received about 100 fedora disks courtesy of Kaio (who sent them) and Harish (who produced them),

I also received and OLPC from Kaio, which we have been working diligently to receive from the good folks at Laptop.org.

I am also hoping soon to move my blog to a website i soon hope to start-up in a months time.


Update:  I recieved

100 fedora 14 live CDs

19 18 fedora balloons hidden in the front pocket of bag 😉

1 LCA bag

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Just informing

I officially want to inform you i hate DNS


Thank you,

Luke Martinez

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No LCA for me.

I wasn’t able to attend LCA this week as i had a family emergency.

I hope to attend next years LCA in Ballarat, Victoria.  (http://lcaunderthestars.org.au/) Which will be a great change of pace for LCA, moving from the city to the country. I’ll most likely spearhead the preperation for LCA 2012 as I currently reside in Melbourne.

— Luke

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No internet for a while.

To whom it may concern,

Starting tommorow I will be in adelaide, so i will not have any internet access for a few weeks. So if you need me email me today.

If you didnt get to email me on the 22nd, leave an email ( asmartgoat@’the’PROJECT.org) and i’ll check it at a kiosk.


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New IRC Channel #fedora-apac

Hello Everyone,

I’m Pleased to announce we have a new IRC channel: #fedora-apac

The Fedora Asia Pacific Commmunity IRC Channel: will be used for general conversation about fedora and events in Asia Pacific to the community. Feel free to pop on by.

This is an open channel, and we would like to keep it family friendly.

If you experience any problems while on the channel, speak to asmartgoat or tuanta (tuan)


Luke Martinez

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